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Life got much easier on Friday, with my acquisition of a blue dot on my security badge. This means I can wear civilian clothes anytime except the school day, and have overnight weekend liberty. Both very good things. This was made possible in part by my 12:10 time on the 1.5 mile run that morning. I'd like to get it under 12:00. It's still better than the last physical assessment, when I ran 12:32, but lost probably a half minute because I had to stop twice to tie my shoes.

I saw "Underworld" last night with some friends. I was, to say the least, underwhelmed by the movie. I'm not much for horror movies, and this one didn't do anything to change my perspective.

Ryan's band is starting to take off a bit. They actually got a decent name (as opposed to "Three Guys and Some Instruments"). The Enclave has both a website and a cover to be checked out.

On the academic front, I got a 3.75 on Basic Electricity exam 4. Not too bad. The first exam in Electronic Fundamentals is this coming Thursday. I don't foresee any problems there. I've still got the highest overall average in the class, by a fairly healthy margin (27.75 points, out of 755 total available).

I successfully taught my mom to attach files to e-mails. This is probably the easiest way for me to get some important files from my old computer (which is essentially now my parents' computer) to my kickin' new laptop.

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