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A post about home

Today is Cow Harbor Day back in Northport. This comes on the heels of yesterday's 10 kilometer race. In an away message today, my best friend Ryan (who , in my opinion, really needs to get his own LiveJournal) has stated the point of Cow Harbor Day thusly:

"Down kickin it at Cow Harbor Day, a pathetic annual spectacle where a bunch of pretencious rich people gather around and marvel at their own magnificence for being Northportians and living in a town where owning a gas guzzler SUV in the middle of suburbia and other totally random acts of insanity are totally acceptable and normal behavior."

I think he's correct on the back end of that statement. That is, I've never been one for driving a gas guzzler SUV in the middle of suburbia. I don't know exactly what other "totally random acts of insanity" he's referring to - I'll have to ask him about that.

But as for Cow Harbor Day being nothing more than a chance for Northporters to loudly and publicly congratulate themselves - well, I'm just not buying it. I've always seen the day more as a celebration of hometown pride and community spirit, something that Northport certainly doesn't lack. That, and a way for the Chamber of Commerce to get people spending their money at locally-owned businesses.

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