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keepin it riz-eal at the NNPTC

Took Electronic Fundamentals exam 1 on a 3.74 on it. I thought I could have done better with it, but that's just me. The instructor was pleased, so I'm not going to complain. I extended my lead over everybody in the class by a couple of points, even though my score on this exam was only third highest in the class. My overall GPA is still a stratospheric 3.88.

In news from the category of "totally irrelevant, but I want to make the post a little bit longer", I smoked my roommate in Worms earlier tonight. I was all set to do it again, but número dos called.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of the story from yesterday morning. Just after 0700 Chief Sulman, the section adviser for my class, comes in and says "I've got a little gift for everybody. Urinalysis today, about 0900. Start drinking." So I do, to the tune of a quart and a half in a very short period of time. Nature runs its course, and by 0810 or so I'm ready to perform (as I always am when a sample is asked of me). By 0845, I'm really working to hold it. Then 0900 comes. No sign of Chief. I'm having trouble focusing on the notes being put out. Finally 0920 comes, and Chief comes in, and says, "I've got good news for some of you. It's only for the firemen." (I'm a seaman.) Ludicrous speed to the head. Part of me wanted to explode at Chief, but the pressing need to prevent my bladder from exploding (while wearing my whites, no less) precluded that.

The MLB playoffs are set. Who I want to make the World Series: the Red Sox and the Cubs, so that one of these long-suffering sets of fans has their dreams realized at long last. Who I think will make the World Series: the Yankees and the Giants. I won't make a pick on the Series until the participants are known.

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