Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

It sucks not having Internet at home...

and it's going to be that way for two and a half more weeks. I called RoadRunner today and they're not coming out here until June 28. So it's quickies in the computer labs until then, at least. I still have to call Time Warner to get cable service hooked up.

The store is good for now. Reunion weekend was busy, but now that it has cleared out, there isn't as much traffic. Of course, that sucks for the temps, whose services are no longer needed.

I was able to get up to Syracuse on Saturday for the state high school boys' lacrosse championship game, in which my school was playing. Northport won 15-10. Considering all the tragedies that have befallen Northport boys' lacrosse, they were certainly due for a state championship.

Roundup went okay last night, although Denice canceled This Sunday. Too bad for her. I don't know what's on for next week. After that we should be good though. I also have to get going on making the interview requests for the summer roundups.

Will write more soon... :)

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