Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

The regrade from E-Funds 2 finally came back, and my grade was bumped up from a 3.58 to 3.73. Good times. Even better was getting out at 1145 - for a class trip to the Olive Garden. Very good chicken parm there.

The Islanders are supposed to have one of the best defenses in the Eastern Conference, if not the entire NHL. It was not comforting to see them get lit up for six by the Capitals in the season opener. I knew it three years ago, and I think I'm still right - taking Rick DiPietro with the top overall pick in 2000 was a mistake. His presence between the pipes makes me somewhat nervous about the upcoming season. God, I hate Mike Milbury. What a bumbling idiot. I thought Peter Laviolette was a decent coach, but Milbury, sage of hockey that he is, decides to fire him (after two straight playoff appearances) and replace him with Steve Stirling, a coach with no NHL experience. He has made some good moves (i.e. Yashin, Peca, Niniimaa) but overall his performance has been subpar.

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