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another exam in the books...

...and another high number - 3.86 this time. And, except for one classmate, I beat everybody else by at least ten points.

We now turn to the Big Kahuna, E-Funds 5, a week from Monday. It's worth more than every other exam in Nuclear Field "A" School but one (the comprehensive exam at the end of the school is worth only four points more than this next one). I feel pretty comfortable with the first new material for this grading period, but the majority of my focus will be review of the first four grading periods. One third of the exam will be on material covered prior to today - which consists of a couple hundred pages of notes.

I got a big scare today when I briefly lost my room key. It's normally securely attached to my security badge clip, the snap to which was recently reinforced with masking tape. However, the hole on the key card through which the clip slides opened, allowing the key to fall off. Luckily, it fell off in my room, so I still have the room key. Had I actually lost it, it would have been a very big deal.

So the Marlins are actually making a run at the Skankees Yankees. It's not so much who I want to win this series - more of who I have less desire to see lose. Perhaps a bit suprisingly, I find that it's the Yankees. While the Marlins are a great story, especially given that their manager has to be returned to stasis after each game, it seems only right and proper that the Bombers should win.

The Islanders had their four game unbeaten streak snapped tonight, by Montréal. Not too bad a loss, as it seems the Canadiens are out of the gate quick this year. The wins (Toronto, Florida, Buffalo) don't say much, but the fact that they tied another hot team (Atlanta) says that the Isles may have something in them this year. There are still 75 games left though...

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