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Once again, another long space between posts...

Yes, it has been 17 days since I last posted. Yes, I have had Internet here at home for the last six days. Yes, I got lazy about this thing. I hope to make up for it here.

Work is becoming somewhat more enjoyable. The new register system being put in place is very slick. The credit card validation that takes twenty seconds on the old registers (which have to call the bank) take three to four on these new ones (which use the internet to talk to the bank). The speeds processing immensely. It is quite good. It eliminates the long, uncomfortable silence between customer and cashier when the card is being checked out.

So summer college started this week. This is the thing where high school kids come and take Cornell classes for three or six weeks. I guess it's good experience for them - I really wouldn't know, since I never took part in such a program when I was in high school. The thing that bugs me about it is this. Some of the students have these voucher cards that allow them to purchase their supplies at Cornell's expense. Many of these voucher cards are through COSEP, the Committee on Special Educational Projects, whose goal is to increase minority enrollment and provide support services for minority students. This seems all well and good, but what does that say to the current undergraduates? Your tuition dollars are going to pay for the supplies of minority students? What really pissed me off was when one of them was carrying a cell phone. So it's not like these kids are necessarily in dire financial straits. Oh well. It's just another part of my fundamental objection to the University's policies of bending over backwards to give minorities what they want.

WVBR is going well. I managed to put a show on in two of the three weeks that Aaron, my normal engineer, wasn't there. That's two more shows than This Sunday put on. And this coming Sunday night, Tim Pendergast, the new football coach, will be on my show. That should be a lot of fun. I also think that things are smoothed out with the program department, after we got into some conflict about the Sunday night programming.

OK, I think I'm going to go prepare dinner now. I'll write again soon, I promise...

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