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Submitted for your approval....

Patty's back in Ithaca. No question about that.

I decide not to read my LiveJournal friends page for a few days, and when I do, it's flooded with entries by Ms. Reeder, some quite convoluted and incomprehensible. This is only a minor annoyance. It seems she's discontented with CS. So I advised her to follow in the fine tradition of Andrew Wolf, Ryan Anthony, myself, and countless others - and switch to OR. It remains to be seen whether or not she will give a response to this.

I enjoyed a nice day off from work today. Slept in, which is always good. But the intermittent showers meant a second false start on my next long cycling ride (the first false start was last weekend). Hopefully it will be a go for this Saturday. I desperately need to get out on the bike again. The minimal riding to and from work each day just isn't cutting it.

"Sports Roundup" is going well also. The interview with Coach Pendergast went well, but not superlative by any standard. I actually have yet to listen to the tape. Thus, I have not yet written the article that Mark Anbinder requested for his magazine. But I did write a women's lacrosse article for it. I also contacted Grady Whittenburg about coming on my show during alumni hockey weekend. I haven't gotten a response from him yet. I also have to shortly begin preparations for my new interview idea, tentatively slated for 5 August. I hope to have CU Athletic Director Andy Noel and President Hunter Rawlings on the show, to talk about the state of collegiate sports. I shit you not, people. This will be big if I can pull it off. I'll keep you posted. Oh yeah, Jon Meer absolutely loves me for doing all this.

I managed to make my money supply last through today. This is good because I haven't received the check from my mother to cover the year's rent. I actually have a lot of money in my account, but the majority of that is because people have not cashed the checks I wrote them earlier. In one case, a check I wrote FIVE MONTHS AGO hasn't been cashed yet. And I'm not going to write new checks if the originally issued ones aren't cashed. I don't want Chris to pick up the tab for my bone mug, or Chad to pay for five months' of electric, but if they don't cash the checks I issued, that's the way it will be. But new money will arrive tomorrow in the form of a paycheck. I love every other Thursday.

I'm dead certain that I'll be going home just prior to the opening of the fall semester for about a week. I'll be chaperoning my high school marching band's camp on the East End of Long Island. This should be a lot of fun. I actually didn't tell my bosses at The Cornell Store that this chaperoning is a paid position, because that would make it look like I took the job for the money, which is most certainly not the case. But I did get the necessary time off from the store. I'm looking forward to that, even though it's a month and a half away. Now, if I can get Denice to take the full time slot on Sunday night, I can go home on Friday instead of Sunday, and spend a full weekend back in Northport.

I have said much, and I need much sleep. I shall thus get some sleep, and write again at another time. Farewell for now...

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