Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Scored 3.70 on I&CE 2 today. When I was told the grade, I was pissed. Mainly, because there was one question where I had the right answer, but changed it to something else. That cost me four points (0.12 in GPA terms). The rest was just minor stuff that added up quickly. The class as a whole did really well, averaging 3.47 with no failures. In a funny way, getting this score is good, because it relieves some stress. There's this board just inside the entrance to our school building, that lists the top three individual averages for each rating. I still had an outside chance to make that board prior to this morning's exam, but now, that chance is next to nil. With that thought gone, and with me so far ahead of everybody else (I'm at 3.854 - the next closest is at 3.705), I can just focus on doing the best I can, and not where I am in relation to others' scores. Another thing I reminded myself was that to have a 3.70 be my lowest exam grade thus far is still pretty damn good.

Just over a week until I get to go home!! And even cooler, after New Year's, I come back for four weeks, finish out "A" School, graduate, get advanced - and then I go on leave again! Our class found out that we're getting graduation leave at the end of January. What sucks is that the EM class, because they're a week shorter, is not getting additional leave.

Probably headed to the Stingrays game tonight, then to Hooters as usual. Should be a fun time. I don't know how much I'll remember tomorrow morning, but it should be fun.

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