Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Nothing outlasts the Energizer bunny...I certainly don't.

Yeah, it's been a tiring day. Awoke at 8:50, managed to make it to work only four minutes late. But I was feeling the effects of the minimal sleep throughout the entire night. Maybe ringing out Professor Maas twice in consecutive days has had an after-effect. Whatever the case, I was tired throughout my entire shift. Fortunately, my boss sent me home an hour early. And when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised - the money from home arrived. I now have funds to cover my rent through next May, and can pay off the bursar as well. Of course, this means I now owe my parents a grand total of over twenty six thousand dollars - and we haven't even talked about fall tuition yet.

I found out this morning that Grady Whittenburg, the play-by-play voice of Big Red hockey, can't make my show during alumni hockey weekend. He said August 5 works for him, and it's good for me, so we'll try to fit him in then. Of course, I now have to come up with a new date for Andy Noel, but that is another problem for another day. Hell, I may even put that off until the season premiere for the fall, when Meer and Smacky are back. I'll run that idea by Jon and see what he thinks. And I haven't gotten any response from Mark on the article I submitted for him. I'll prod him on this.

Patty has been responding to my posts and comments. In the end, I don't mind her rants. If I did, I wouldn't complain - I would just remove her from my friends list. Her exploits make my existence seem petty by comparison.

So that is the brief synopsis of 5 July 2001. Oh, does anybody have any ideas for what I should get my dad for his birthday? It's ten days away (well technically nine, since it's after midnight).

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