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There's the final buzzer, and the big winner is...


The 3.64 on yesterday's comp was the high score for the class. I got perfect scores on two of the sections (math and digital). What sucks about comp is there is no post-exam review, so you have no idea what you got wrong, and you can't request a regrade. I guess the thinking is that as long as a passing score is achieved, why should I care what I missed, since I won't be tested on this stuff any longer? Still, I'd like to know.

Nobody failed - for that matter, there were no trips to the lake to go fishing for points. If a comp grade comes back and just below the number needed to pass, that exam will be looked at again to see if anything was missed. In our class, the low score was still about thirty points clear of the minimum.

As you might have guessed from the subject line above, my overall grade was tops in the class. By a lot. Since my current class was originally two classes, we will recognize two separate honormen on Friday. I have no problem with this; in fact, I requested that it be done. The other honorman ended up with a 3.68, which is nothing to scoff at. Nor is a 3.47 class average, and having 10 of the 13 class members graduate with distinction (a GPA of 3.4 or greater).

We now have three days of Prevent, which is just a nice way of saying sensitivity training. Not fun at all. Make it stop, please.

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