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Busy morning...

So I'm now a graduate of Nuclear Field "A" School. I've been advanced to Electronics Technician Third Class. How does it feel? Not very much different, except for the excitement that accompanies going on leave.

Today's graduation ceremony was for one class of machinist's mates (0403-A), two classes of electrician's mates (0346-M and 0347-M) and my class of electronics technicians (0345-T). In all there were seventy-one graduating Sailors.

The graduation speech was given by one of my instructors, and it was a very nice address. After that was done, the 71 graduates were officially advanced. Then was the best part - the recognition of the honor graduates. This was cool because the everyone stands at attention while we are recognized, and it was nice to think that my shipmates, the ones with whom I went through six months of school with, are standing to salute me. As it turned out, I was the only honorman recognized from my class. That kind of sucked, because Taylor deserved the laurels as much as I did. As the commanding officer handed me my plaque, he said, "3.774 - very nice. We did manage to fool you a couple of times, though" - to which I could only reply, "yes, sir."

Then all the graduates had their certificates presented. Since my class was the last to go, and the honorman is the last to get the certificate in each class, I was the last of the 71 to walk across the stage. Then the personal excellence award winners were announced - for our class, it was the class leader, who was clearly the most deserving. Then the CO made his stock speech, and the ceremony was concluded. After this we got signed out on leave. And now I'm packing and waiting to leave for the airport.

I talked to my recruiter earlier today, and recruiter assistance duty should be fun. Especially since it's getting me five days of additional leave.

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