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So I missed the power school classup. Now I'm on this thing called T-Track, which is just a nice way of saying busywork. I work twelve hours then get twenty-four off. The schedule is a bitch, and the work isn't too much fun either (standing watch and cleaning), but I do like the fact that when my shift is over, my work is done, and I don't have to worry about homework. :-) I work with really cool people, which is surprising considering that most of them are machinist's mates (we electronics technicians tend to take a dim view of MM's, especially considering that their A-school is ten weeks shorter than ours). I've got six more weeks of this - if I get my security clearance.

Last week I had to move rooms again because I missed classup. The new room is nice beacuse I'm on the first floor and I don't have to constantly walk up and down stairs. The bad part about it is that I have crappy cell phone reception in the new room (in the old one, the reception was great). It took Comcast five freaking days to switch my internet over to the new room, that was a pain in the butt.

Cornell hockey is seeded number two for the playoffs and has the weekend off before a home quarterfinal next weekend. My spider sense, attuned to the ways of the frozen pond, tells me the Big Red will not repeat as conference champions. Of course, as a fan, I always hold out hope for the best.

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