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On coherency and grammar.

I am constantly amazed by the deterioration of grammar in Internet correspondence. Of course, I am by no means immune to this phenomenon, but it appears in much more pronounced fashion in the writings of others. The "stream of consciousness" means of communication is taking hold (or has already taken hold). Capitalization is the most vulnerable of grammatical rules in this new syntax of the electronic age. Also of note is the sentence structure. Complete sentences are going by the boards, replaced by the thought of "get your thoughts out with all due speed." I think this is a bad thing. The capacity to refine thought should be cultivated as much on the Internet as it is in the papers college kids write. We're moving toward a world where "l8r", "143", and other such shorthands will become part of the accepted language.

And the alternating upper- and lower-case letters - that just pisses me off.

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