Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Hey, guess what? It snowed in New York again yesterday! And while there was some rain, it was in the 70's here! HAHAHAHA!

So I waited until last night, when I was fully rested, to work on my version of the NCAA Tournament bracket. I finally finished it early this morning. It's here. And the best part about it? Unlike the real bracket, I tell you exactly how I came up with every team's selection and placement. The explanation is here.

As for the real bracket, I'm already 0-1 on picks. I had Lehigh to win the opening round game last night. This year's jinxed team is Kentucky, whom I have winning the whole thing.

The Sopranos is finally back after a fifteen month hiatus. The first two episodes of this new season have been typical Sopranos excellence. The new characters they've brought in promise to add some interesting new twists, not to mention what's happening on the New York side.

Not seeing the end of this Cornell hockey season seems to have dampened the pain of the culmination. I didn't find out until many hours after the final game ended. It's disappointing that the season ended without even getting to Albany, but the Big Red gave us plenty to cheer about this season, and plenty of hope for the future.

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