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Now on to the substance of my day...

Woke at 8:12. That meant less than three hours of sleep. But today I did all of the three essentials (shower, dress, eat). Usually I get away with just dressing. Maybe my brain knew that it would not be prudent to report to work late again, considering that I did on three of the four work days last week (though never by more than ten minutes). Work seemed a bit long today. I think that was due in part to the recurrent aching in my legs, still feeling the effects of over seventy kilometers of pedaling from two days ago. I got to work downstairs for nearly half the day. That wasn't that bad, though I do greatly prefer the upstairs of the store to the lower level.

Upon my return home, I found the network to be set up. This has its good and bad points. Good is that everybody has net access now. Bad is that certain features, like Sidecar authentication, once again are unavailable to me. (They were available when I was connected directly to the cable modem.) So I went to get dinner, and en route to McDonald's I discovered I had missed marching band softball YET AGAIN!! I haven't been to a single game yet. I really have to make an effort to get to a game, possibly Wednesday.

All points regarding the radio are still up in the air. I've been too tired to deal with that today.

Signing off...

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