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I'm not a big fan of the University of Alabama at Birmingham right now. Not anything personally against the school, but by beating Kentucky in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, they did serious damage to my bracket. At 36-19, I'm still doing pretty well - I have only two fewer correct picks than in all of last year's bracket.

My rove partner today couldn't go two seconds without complaining about something. Real pain in the ass. If there's a downside to rove it's the possibility of being stuck with the same annoying partner for twelve straight hours.

I talked to my mom today for the first time in a while. She illustrated a major reason why I had to get off Long Island - soaring real estate prices (more generally, the whole cost of living). A piece of land in suburbia with a two bedroom house recently went for $419,000. Unbelievable. I must wonder where people get the money to pay that much - just as my mother wonders.

More people I know are getting their security clearances. I'm really starting to think that the state of New York is causing the holdup. If this is the case, it really irks me, because I think it's stupid that I can't move on in the training pipeline because of something dumb like a delay on a police record check or something similar.

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