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more of the same...

T-Track continues here, as we approach another power school classup (two weeks from yesterday). The security office was again most unhelpful in discerning the reason for the delay, but the T-Track office provided some insights. They think the likely reason is the government is tryng to track down the references I listed on my background check form - most of whom have moved at least once since the form was submitted at the end of 2002. They also said it would be highly likely I'd get the clearance relatively soon. I have no idea whether that means a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or a couple of months.

I finally started getting paid as an's about time; it's been a month and a half since I was officially advanced to third class. Nice to see the bump in my paycheck. Also nice because I can put away more money.

I ran the PRT on Monday...64 situps (14 over the minimum), 50 pushups (8 over the minimum), and 12:40 over the mile and a half (0:35 under the maximum). I'm glad that's over for the next six months (at least as far as it meaning something).

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