Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Finally, something decent to write about...

On 16 November 2003, I wrote in this space:

At the postgame gathering at Hooters, I went with a Coke over other beverage alternatives. This is in keeping with my track record, which indicates that getting plastered buys me about six months or so of hard sobriety thereafter. :-)

Well, actually, it turned out to be a little less than five months.

After duty last night I got a friend of mine from my old class to take myself and some people I knew downtown to a place called the Mellow Mushroom. The pizza was supposedly really good. It definitely lived up to its billing. I started out with a Killians, but after my friend ordered a pitcher of Long Island iced tea, I decided to help him with that. Especially being from Long Island and all. It was quite fact, so nice, we ordered another pitcher. Then we left, my friend and I each calling as many people as we could think of from our old class. One of the underage people in the party took the wheel for the drive home, during which I tried to hold everything down. An attempt which failed in ten sad (if you were me) or fairly comical (for everybody else in the car) seconds.

There wasn't much we could do at that point, so we continued on to a scheduled stop at Hardee's to pick up some food for somebody else. I remembered someone tried to offer me water, which even I knew would have been a disaster, given an incident that occured three years ago (just before I started my LiveJournal). Then we got to the entrance to the site, and I was able to procure my military ID (a good portion of the alcohol I had consumed came right back out the way it went in). The master-at-arms at the checkpoint was very nice, and let me in with only a comment about how I should have tried to aim out the window.

I walked as fast as possible to my room and showered and threw my clothes in the laundry. Except, I left nearly the entire contents of my pants pockets there. So my check register and a bunch of checks got destroyed. Not a big deal, since I've got online banking to keep track of my money. I next got up around 0500 (I thought it was 0400, but last night's time change was the furthest thing from my mind right then) and put the clothes in the dryer. I was roused three hours later by the knock of rovers on my suitemate's door (I guess he forgot about the time change too - he's on restriction, and has to show his face four times a day on weekends).

About 0900 I tried to get up but had a splitting headache and went back to bed, figuring I didn't have much to do today except iron my dress white uniform and clean my room. Thus I didn't wake up until 1415, and got to work.

My phone is completely shot, being vomit-logged as it is. That's an issue to address tomorrow.

And now I go back to work in 45 minutes...what good times indeed.

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