Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

interesting times.

Yesterday I got banned from the security office for checking on the status of my clearance one too many times (it was my third visit this week). I had considered going to complain to my chain of command, but this was at 0800 after night duty, and I desperately wanted to get home and get some sleep, so I did that.

The internet was set up in my room yesterday, while I slept that morning. For the first time out of three, I did not have to call Comcast to get my service re-started.

Last night I went to a keg party hosted by one of my friends from A school (who lives in housing since he's married). By my (admittedly suspect) count, I finished off six beers and was working on a seventh before I left because started falling asleep. Good times with good friends and alcohol (which was Bud Light, but any type of alcohol would have done for me).

So after I got up at 1300 I decided to go run, since we didn't run very hard at Friday morning's PT (but we did plenty of other stuff). I also decided to time this run, because when I ran on Tuesday, it was a good bit slower than the pace I need to pass. Even though it was warm and a bit humid this afternoon, I still knocked out the mile and a half. At each quarter-mile time check, I noticed something weird - I wasn't slowing down, and I was going at what is, for me, a fairly quick pace. When I finished, the watch read 11:49 - thirteen seconds better than any mile and a half run previously.

Just before leaving for that run I learned about the trade that brings No. 1 overall pick Eli Manning to the Giants. Great addition. If he does anything near what his big brother has done for the Colts, Giants fans should be very happy.

When I got back I found out that Cornell had beaten Princeton in lacrosse for the first time in nine years (and notched its first win in New Jersey since 1988), and now only needs a win over Brown next Saturday to lock up the Ivy League's automatic NCAA bid.

Tonight has been a quiet night; just chilling out and reading a little. I don't have to be back into work until 1745 tomorrow, so I'm enjoying the free time.

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