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Laundry, debit cards, and men riding bicycles 6000 km away

Today was back to normal - wake up at 8:40, dress, collect things, and go to work. At least I was on time today - two in a row. Unbelievable. There was a flood of customers at the close today - we were ringing until about 5:05. Upon arrival at home (after a 3 km ride to keep my legs in shape), I went to East Hill Plaza and did laundry and had dinner and went shopping. I'm starting to get used to using the debit card wherever possible. The great thing about the debit card is it just takes money that you already have, it doesn't create debt. I like not creating new debt. Debt and dependency will be the topic of an issue of Left-Field View in the near future.

Still no progress on WVBR stuff.

New picture - in salute of the world's greatest cycling race (and for my money, the world's greatest sporting event). Lance Armstrong sits seventh, 21" (that's twenty-one seconds) off the lead. This is excellent position - near the top, but not having to use his team's energy to defend the yellow jersey (worn by the race leader). The team time trial on Thursday could prove to be a difficulty for Lance and U.S. Postal. It's been hard not being able to watch coverage of the Tour, but the audio archives of the OLN coverage are excellent. Hearing Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen is worth not being able to see the race.

Until next time, this is Matt Carberry reminding you to help control the pet population, keep your pet spayed or neutered...

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