Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

a day like any other at work...

...or at least I thought it would be. And for the first ten hours it was. But then around 1600 I saw Davis, one of my best friends here and the supervisor of my watch section, and Maron, a long-term hold who works in the T-Track office. Maron takes my badge and swipes it, gives it back to me, and tells me "you're probably going to want a new one of those tomorrow." After he left, I asked Davis "is it true?" Davis replied "Yes. I saw the fax myself. It just came in about ten minutes ago." And for the last part of the day I was ecstatic. What, you may ask, does it all mean?

I got my security clearance. I'm going to Nuclear Power School in three weeks.

I was convinced I was in for an interminable wait on T-Track. I thought about being here at the beginning of 2005, still wondering about why the government wouldn't trust me. Not any longer. No more twelve on, twenty-four off, doing some of the most boring work possibly conceived by man. (Well actually there is still a little bit of T-Track left, but the light at the end of the tunnel has appeared.)

In other news I saw "Shrek 2" on Friday night, and it was really good. That's about all of substance I did last weekend. I slept a lot, and since I had to work Saturday night, that kind of precluded doing a lot.

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