Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

a smorgasbord post...

I just got my new badge, signifying that I am the proud holder of a "confidential" level security clearance. Awesome times. This means a number of things:

  • I most likely won't get home again until right before Thanksgiving, which is when power school will finish for me. Not a huge deal.
  • It's quite possible I will be able to attend the wedding of two of my friends from college, which will be about a third of the way through power school. This is something that will be hashed out with my new chain of command at a later date.
  • I'm still not sure when I want to bring the minivan down here. I know that I would like to do so at some point, but I've got to coordinate with my parents on such things as transfer of title, insurance, and the like. That is, if they'll be willing to part with the car.

I watched "Miracle" yet again last night. Still chokes me up.

On hockey - I'm going with my sentiment in the Cup finals and saying the Flames pull it out in seven games.

A new movie about climate change, "The Day After Tomorrow," comes out this Friday. I'm really against this movie, because the science on which the movie is based is so bad, it's laughable. A summary is here. The argument that humans are largely responsible for perceived global warming is certainly a valid one, but scare tactics like this movie don't sit well with me.

I'm going to go to lunch now, and then bed - I still have to go to work at 1745 tonight.

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