Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry


Last Thursday I got a 3.86 on materials. About what I expected.

Today was ETRO-3. I really wanted to put up a big number, because of the way I shanked the previous exam in this subject. I finished today's exam in forty-eight minutes, leaving the remaining seventy-two to check it over. And check it over I did - over and over again, I would say at least eight times. I felt pretty good about it when I turned it in. And this afternoon just before I left, I found out I had put up the biggest number of all - 4.00, a perfect score. I'm back to fourth in the class (about as high as I can hope to climb, as the top three are many, many points ahead), and my overall GPA is back above 3.90. As such, I'm walking on air right now. It's beautiful. I've been working to get a 4.0 for the last 18½ weeks, and it finally happened. This time, I didn't forget a word or drop a sign or misread a question.

Tonight will be a break, as will Friday, which will likely be filled with the alcohol. But RP-4 looms next Tuesday, so I know I can't afford to dwell on this too long.

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