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Guess when I woke up today?

If you guessed 9:20, you'd be right.

Yeah, as I stirred, I was already twenty minutes in arrears. I managed to make it into work by 9:28. After taking into account the time I gained at lunch and at the end of the day, I finished only 17' down (7h13' on the clock). I was strangely motivated at work today. I was processing the customers out significantly faster than I usually do. I have not a clue as to why this is.

So someone took offense to Patty's "gay" joke. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this, or posting notice of such to the comments portion of the LiveJournal. What pissed me off was Patty's willingness to censor what she said to avoid offending anyone. I just finished reading Larry Elder's book "The Ten Things You Can't Say In America." #2 is "White condescension is as bad as black racism." Patty's actions are a form of "heterosexual condescension." We can't say anything that might even run the risk of pissing off homosexuals, now can we? Ludicrous, I say. Free and open speech for all. If Patty had a joke about "the straight" or "the heterosexual" going around, and a straight person took offense, would we see a similar response? I think not.

I almost lost my cool at work today. These two guys go through the magnetic sensor gate at the entrance to the store, and it beeps. One guy says, "It's because we're minorities, right?" I tried to keep my thoughts to myself. What I really wanted to do was ask the guy, "Are you accusing the store of racism?" Because implicitly, that's what he was doing. After I checked to make sure everything had been bought, I said to the other guy, "Tell your friend there aren't any race sensors in the gates." And then Amy Gershkoff came, and I told her about it. And she agreed that it was stupid.

Anyway. My motivation continued into the night, as I actually cooked. The soup came out excellent as always. And it saved me money, always a good thing.

The cable people charged me for Starz. Bastards.

Rico should sleep at 414 Stewart tonight.

Chris and I were having an argument over whether prostitution should be legal. I say yes. Why should the government regulate the sexual conduct of two consenting adults just because an exchange of money is taking place?

So that concludes this LiveJournal entry. Tune in tomorrow...well maybe not. Same bat time...can't guarantee that either. Same bat channel....well, yeah. (I guess we should call it "same bat URL.")

- Matt

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