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home again...

...this time for a full month, having finally finished the nuclear training pipeline.

The trip from Saratoga was uneventful; I arrived about 1520. The night was spent relaxing, as was all of Saturday.

Sunday was not exactly the most pleasant day. I had long-standing plans; I was going to the college graduation of my brother's girlfriend. This having been said, the time at which the commencement exercises began was apparently on a need-to-know basis, since I was never told. As such, I had very little time to shower and dress before leaving. Compounding this was the ceremony itself; though considerably shortened, it rained throughout most of the time. And to top it all off, Vanessa didn't even get to cross the stage; she needed an orange card (to write her name on and hand to the speaker), which was in the graduation package, which she never opened. Following this was lunch at my brother's former place of employment, The Lazy Clam in Smithtown - another event I wasn't told about. I agreed with the opinion of my mother - that the place was quite well-run, but the food just wasn't to my taste. Even the chicken wasn't to my liking.

Today I got up, worked out, had breakfast, drove my brother to work, had lunch, watched some TV, had dinner, watched the first game of the Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions final, went back out for a bit, and am now here blogging.

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