Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

the time has arrived...

to post some stuff!

I love it when the marriage of two people whose primary claim to fame is being in line to inherit many craptons of money when their elders die makes the front of

I found this on my travels:

Last Tuesday, the second season of "Chappelle's Show" was released on DVD. This show is particularly suited for this medium, because the DVD versions have no bleeps on them. I bought both seasons, and if you haven't seen the show, let me tell you - absolutely hilarious. It royally SUCKS that the third season isn't going to start tonight as planned. Let's get everybody to the table, fix what's wrong, and get more of this quality programming on TV!

Saturday night I saw Mary's Laugh, with Ryan and his friends Conor and Sarah. They were pretty good, and I got to poke fun at Ryan once again for his staunch resistance to the festive beverages. I couldn't hit him too hard, since he was driving and all, but I did threaten to hold his head back and pour my second beer down his throat if he had not been driving.

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