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all in all, not a bad weekend

This weekend I stayed, for the most part, in Connecticut. Friday morning I was assigned to a funeral detail, and the cemetery was in southern Massachusetts. Two hours of driving for about fifteen minutes of work. But that was all I had to do that day. Afterward I took a nap, and then I headed to New York City. The purpose of this excursion was to see Sean Hackett, who I hadn't seen since 2001. He was performing in "Liquid Courage," a free comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

I got to the city early - I wasn't sure what traffic would be like, and I had never driven in Manhattan before, so I wanted to be careful. So I had time to kill, and I walked up to Times Square, looked at all the pretty lights for a few minutes. I also saw a car going south on Broadway, with its left front tire two feet in the air, and I thought, "only in New York." I went to the show at midnight, and a lot of it was good. All of Sean's sketches were funny; especially the one where he plays a beatnik poet, who reads a couple of filthy poems - which are actually rap songs without the beats. After the show, Sean, his partner Micheil, and I had a drink at a nearby bar, then I drove back to Groton, arriving about 0435.

Saturday I chilled out until 2300, when I went to work. I agreed to stand a Saturday night security watch in return for no watches this upcoming week. Not one person came into or out of the building during the entire six hours. After this I went to bed. Then I slept most of the day today, and now I am once again kicking back, and once again watching Anchorman.

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