Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

it's always a celebration here at NSB New London...

After a week on the sideline, I'm ready to attack Long Island again. Should be an enjoyable time.

Here's something to give you an idea of how much time I have on my hands. Over a decade ago, I was given a box set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I tried to read the books then, but only got about five pages in before I gave up. Three years ago, I tried again, but only got to about page fifty of The Hobbit before succumbing. At the beginning of last month I knocked out The Hobbit in about four days, and am almost all the way through The Fellowship of the Ring. And for the most part, I'm only reading these books at work.

Speaking of books, I finally came up with a workable idea for one! I really would rather not discuss it until I actually write some of it, but I will say it's not dark and negative like some of my other writings.

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