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Friday's Groton-to-Northport trip was completed in record time - two hours, thirty-three minutes, taking four minutes off the previous best. If I'd gotten the traffic lights on Elwood Road, I would have cracked two and a half hours.

Friday night began by seeing Ryan's band, A Far Cry, at the Northport Village Park. They were part of an open mike night hosted by the owners of Caffe Portofino, a coffee house in downtown Northport. The band's two songs were pretty good, and he was uber-appreciative of me and everyone else who came out. However, since Ryan was intent on playing Risk after the show, and I hate Risk, I proceeded with my original plans and headed to the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale. Two bands, Girl Gone Bad and Joe Rockstar, played two sets each; the former wasn't that good, while the latter followed up nicely.

On Saturday night, I made my first trip to Mulcahy's in Wantagh, one of the most famous bars on Long Island, to see Gravy, Long Island's best cover band. This is the third time I've seen these guys, and they once again delivered an awesome show. They even played a song that I had requested of them. After both their sets, I talked to the guys; they are all really nice, and appreciative of the work I do for the Navy.

Speaking of the Navy, there's big breaking news on that front. Along with the ten other guys assigned to USS Memphis, I'm flying out to meet the submarine on September 1. That means just two and a half weeks to live it up. It's finally almost time to put all this training to the use for which it was intended.

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