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it has been some are some alcohol-induced thoughts

I'm watching "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", which I bought on DVD on Tuesday. Catherine Keener is quite attractive. I still haven't used the free movie pass from when I saw that movie in the theater.

Crossfade is a most awesome band. Everything I've heard from them is simply sublime.

Leave was all right. I've got another period coming up from December 27 to January 2. This makes up for the fact that I have duty on Christmas Day. I'm going to be stuck on a moored submarine while everyone else in the world is opening presents. But I fully intend to be drunk on New Year's. Hopefully I won't puke like last year.

I've been promoted! I'm now ET2 Carberry. Actually, I'm still getting paid as ET3, but I've been "frocked," as we call it in the Navy. In other words, I get to wear a second chevron, and get all the responsibility, but no money (yet).

I'll probably post another entry soon with some stories from my time underway. But I make no firm promises.

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