Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

the happenings

So I menitoned in the last entry that we were getting ready to go underway. We in fact did, for about two weeks, which included a four-day stop in Mayport, Florida, to paint the boat in better weather than was available to us in Groton. During this stop-over, I went to a blues festival in Jacksonville Beach, and also went to a softball game the crew had. I didn't play - but I did get trashed. So much so that I had to be stowed in my bed. I remember puking once; I'm told that I did so several times.

After we returned to Groton on April 11, I went into duty as a Food Service Attendant, more commonly known as a crank. Everybody who is going to their first boat does this early in their time there. I did it for five days in early January, but divisional commitments prevented me from meeting the minimum time commitment until now. I wash dishes, help serve meals, and do whatever else the cooks need. I'll be doing this until May 20, at which time I return to my real division (reactor controls).

The weekend after we got back I made a run home, and saw a friend of mine from high school who actually just got out of the Navy. He was very happy about this fact, and seemed to have some promising leads on jobs. I also saw a couple of people who I haven't seen in many years.

This past Friday we went out on a "dependent's cruise" for the day, taking out family and friends of the crew. I really didn't see any reason to invite anyone, especially when I can't take them into the engine room to show them where I really work.

I've made a few more trips to Mohegan Sun the past few weeks, with some ups and downs, but more downs than ups. I went to Foxwoods yesterday just to check the place out and see what it was about, and was kind of turned off by it. Foxwoods had more of a Vegas feel to it, while Mohegan really plays up the Native American angle, and it also seemed less packed. I can't say for certain whether it actually was less packed.

I know the Rangers got into the playoffs, but I turned my head for a moment, and when I turned it back they'd been swept out.
How about them Mets? How about 'em?
Friday before last I was in Stop and Shop, and I was walking through the book section on my way out, and saw a book with the title "Everyone Poops." I thought it was hilarious, and after I read the book, I was laughing so hard, I had to buy the book.

Another entry coming tomorrow or the next day - this one deeper, given the significance of tomorrow.

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