Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry


1900C (1600Z), 21 July
Day 77

I'm in Greece.

Specifically, Souda Bay, Crete. After seventy-five days underway it was great to put my feet on dry land again. The crew of USS Memphis is enjoying some much needed and well deserved liberty here in the eastern Mediterranean. We've been looking forward to this ever since we left Groton on May 6. For the most part, our operations have been pretty routine; as discussed before, watch, quals, sleep, in eighteen-hour blocks. I'm almost done with my submarine quals, and my engineering quals are going all right as well. It won't be very long until I don't have to worry about them anymore.

As for this port, I haven't gotten to see much of it. We pulled in last night, and we had some problems with our transportation, so getting around is a bitch. By the time I got back from the NEX, it was already pretty late, so I decided not to go out on town. Since we have the three essentials of life (beer, American food, and Internet) about fifty meters from the boat, there's really no need to proceed further, especially since I have duty tomorrow.

I have a few thoughts on the events unfolding in Israel and Lebanon, which aren't too far from where I'm typing this. Israel is within its rights to strike Hezbollah targets, since Hezbollah aggressed against Israel by kidnapping its soldiers. At this point in time, the magnitude of the Israeli response seems high. That said, the crucial decision in this matter lies at the seat of the Lebanese parliament in Beirut. Lebanon has a responsibility to control actions initiated against another country from within its territory. Failing that, there is but one question: are the Lebanses unable or unwilling to control Hezbollah? If it's the former, then Lebanon has a responsibility to solicit from Israel (and others, if necessary) such help as is necessary to control Hezbollah. If it's the latter, then Israel is well within its rights to interpret such implicit support as an act of war and respond accordingly - and in that case, Lebanon had better stand by.

Peace out to all; see you all when we get back, which will be real soon now.

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