Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

no finer soil...

...than American soil. I've been to some great places since I came to my present assignment - Guam, England Greece, and Gibraltar, but there's nowhere better than the US of A.

After completion of duty on Tuesday morning, I was driven to the ferry terminal in New London, where I caught a southbound ferry and was met by my Mom in Orient Point with my car. There was, however, a catch: my car was the only one she brought. That meant an hour and a half of driving to get my Mom back to Northport, and another hour and a half to return to Orient Point to catch a 1700 ferry (four hours later than I had planned to return to Connecticut). There were, however, positives to this: seeing both my brother and my father; eating at the Shipwreck Diner in downtown Northport, where my brother is again working; and seeing a spectacular view of Northport Harbor before heading back. But by the time I pulled into the parking lot at my barracks (around 1900), I was too tired to do anything else.

Yesterday I executed the majority of the plans I had intended to accomplish the previous day. At Best Buy, I bought a digital camera and an iTrip (a device that lets me play my iPod on a radio frequency); went for my first run in a while; and got to Mohegan Sun for some blackjack. Despite being down to the last $15 of my $150 stake on two occasions, I managed to come all the way back and finish the night up $25. And I got three-plus hours of play out of that money. The worst beat of the night was doubling down on a nine against a dealer showing five, pulling an ace to make twenty, the dealer flipping a face card and getting a six on the hit to make 21.

Today after work I went to look at some house with some friends I'll be rooming with. There were two we liked - one in Groton, the other in North Stonington, about twenty minutes away from the base. We're still talking about the two options, and will probably have a decision in the next day or two. Either way, it'll be nice to move out of the barracks.

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