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time compression is in effect...NOT! D'OH!

I wish some sort of time compression could be in effect, and that I could thus go on leave right now. Unfortunately, I'm still two and a half days away from those nine beautiful days of complete freedom - or at least, the closest thing to complete freedom I'll ever see while in the Navy.

This weekend, like last, was spent in Northport. Last night, I went to Farmingdale, intending to see Big Shot, the Billy Joel tribute band. There was, however, one slight problem - Big Shot didn't show. By the time this was essentially confirmed, I had already gone to my second drink, so getting my cover charge back wasn't an option. Had I known this turn of events was going to take place, I would have taken Ryan up on his offer to go see Accepted. I instead stayed for Joe Rockstar, who wasn't bad in the one set I watched. The crowd at the Nutty was very light, and I elected to exit just after 0100. A late night White Castle run satiated the hunger plaguing me at that time.

I ran again today, the first time since the initial run three days after we got back. I absolutely have to start running more often, especially if I intend to run the Great Cow Harbor 2007. There's no way I can get into decent enough shape to run six-plus miles in twenty-six days, to say nothing of the fact that we might be underway on race day (16 September). Other than that, I did very little today, other than make great time on the drive back to Groton.

This computer is running beautifully. Everything is going faster, despite the fact that the given processor speed is much slower than my old Gateway.

Monday duty. Tuesday pack. Wednesday leave!!!

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