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Leave is wonderful. I've only been home twenty-six hours and already I've had enough fun to last me the entire nine days. If, however, you think this will slow me down, you're sadly mistaken.

Apart from some delays on the eastern end of the Long Island Expressway, the trip home was relaxing and incident free. I got some nice pictures on the ferry across the Sound. I got home, and realized I had brought every part of my external computer speakers - except the power supply. This, combined with not bringing home the old computer, almost compelled me to drive back to Groton today, but I ultimately decided against it. Anyway, when I pulled into the house, there was a bicycle sitting in the driveway; Dad said that my brother's boss had given it to us. The color scheme was nasty, but it rode beautifully. I rode out to take some more pictures. As I finished climbing a hill, I noticed four runners. And then as I continued to pedal, there were more runners. I was like, "great...I've biked right into the middle of a Cow Harbor training run." That made for a lot of waiting to avoid interfering with the runners. But I did get a lot of photos, including some very closeup shots of the Northport power station that I wasn't expecting to get.

After getting home and showering, it was barely after 2000, so I decided to see a movie. I settled on Little Miss Sunshine, which my mom has raved about. It wasn't nearly as funny as she led me to believe, but it was still a quality film. It also has one of the most screwed up endings of any film I've seen in a long time. Following the movie, I stopped at White Castle, and noticed one of the more unusual things I've seen...four people playing chess at two corner tables. Now, it's not unusual for four people to be playing chess, but to be bringing the game to White Castle? Is there some kind of smell in these guys' house that forced them out?

Today, I woke up and got breakfast from Dunkin' Donuts, brought it home, ate it, and then went back to sleep. This afternoon, I biked out to Eaton's Neck, and got a lot more shots. I'd like to get shots of the Eaton's Neck lighthouse, but since it's on the Coast Guard station, that's out.

Tonight I'll be heading into NYC to see Cold Flavor Repair, Andy Gladding's funk band, at Crash Mansion. It should be a very fun and interesting time.

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