Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

back in the armpit of despair

Why did it have to rain for six of the nine days of my leave period? That sucked, sucked, sucked. But I did see Accepted on Sunday with Ryan, and it was pretty cool. The next night, Monday, I watched Andre Agassi's first-round match in the U. S. Open. I also got a brief bike ride in, since there was a window of about twelve hours during which it didn't rain. Tuesday night was marked my board games at Ryan's house. Not exactly the most exciting way to spend a night, but it was the best of the alternatives in front of me, considering it was Tuesday. The board games weren't bad though.

I had brought my brother a crate of eighteen Budweisers as a gift, intending to give it to him whenever I saw him over leave. There was just one problem with that plan - I never saw my brother. And as soon as I got back to Groton, I started working on the beer; it was all gone by Sunday.

Friday was a light workday, and I stood duty on Saturday, but I've been relaxing ever since. Yesterday I went to Providence Place, the gigantic mall in Providence, and bought a couple of books. Today I saw Beerfest, which was really good. Now I've got Spaceballs in the DVD player, and a beer on the table as I recline in my lounge chair and dread returning to work tomorrow. We actually have to do a fair amount of work over the next two weeks.

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