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It has been a rough last few days here aboard the mighty Memphis. Last Thursday night, one of our sailors got a DUI; this was the second such incident since we returned from deployment, and the fourth in 2006. The hammer is going to come down hard on him, and the effects will be felt throughout the command. There are now reminders everywhere not to drink and drive - one of those reminders is on my rear-view mirror, which is now graced with a small sticker of the Memphis logo. Irresponsibly mixing alcohol and vehicles is wrong for anybody, but to me, it's unconscionable for any member of the United States Armed Forces to do so. We take an oath to defend the freedom of this nation, and foremost in that category is the freedom of our fellow citizens to live. Drinking and driving willfully and directly imperils that freedom, and is therefore in direct opposition to our oath.

And today, we learned that a four-star admiral will be visiting the boat tomorrow, so we spent the day cleaning, not getting out until 1820. So much work for such a short visit. Long, and painful, but it's all right, because Cow Harbor Day is approaching - and I have the whole weekend off...a much needed respite prior to our upcoming underway.

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