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already over it...

..."it" being the Mets' NLCS Game 7 loss. This game was a weird, almost surreal experience for me. I followed the game on most of the night, going to the window to listen to the WFAN broadcast at crucial moments (like when Pujols popped up to end the fifth). I missed the call on Endy Chavez's spectacular home-run robbing catch, but saw the video a couple of hours later - and I agree that it may have been one of the greatest catches in postseason history, given the state of the game. I went to bed at 2230, during the bottom of the seventh, expecting the game to be over when I next awoke - only it wasn't. I woke up about an hour later, pulled the headphones on, and quickly discerned the state of affairs - that the Mets were losing in the bottom of the ninth. That last half-inning was more gut wrenching than anything after Beltran's strikeout; I was simply relieved that the game was over. And within an hour, I had reminded myself that it's only a game, and the Giants have a big game on Monday night, and that though the Islanders have started slow, the season is young...and that there's always next year. Hope truly does spring eternal.

Last Saturday night, a couple of my friends from the boat threw a Halloween party at their house. I originally wasn't going to drink, since I had planned to be designated driver for some people, but one of them decided to stay sober, so I went off. The simplest way to put it would be Mayport on steroids. I took pictures I don't remember taking, I made a phone call of which I have absolutely no memory, and regurgitated breakfast - twelve hours after I had stopped drinking, and two hours after I ate it. I definitely had a good time, and am quite thankful I didn't have duty on Sunday; I needed that entire day to recover.

Before tonight's game, I bought, among other things, a new electric razor. Hopefully this one will give the shave I need without creating plenty of bleeding holes in my neck every morning (like my regular blade does).

More to come on Saturday. The end of the ball game has detoured me from my goal of trying to get my sleep patterns back on track...

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