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"make turns for Northport."

I left Groton at 1754, expecting the one hundred sixty mile trip to Northport to take three and a half to four hours. I reached Northport at 2030 - two hours and thrity-six minutes. I was fortunate to be on the road after the traffic had thinned out. I got home, and wondered where I was going to head. I thought about Tavern on the Harbor on Main Street, but settled instead on Napper Tandy's. I ended up having a beer there, not seeing anybody I knew, moving on to Changing Times in East Northport, having another beer, again not seeing anybody I knew, and heading home about 2330.

Thursday morning was spent relaxing. This relaxation included forty minutes on the phone with Ryan, covering a lot of ground, including the story behind the impending closing of All Star Video, where Ryan has worked since just after we left high school. He's about to enter a major transition period in his life, and I lamented the fact that I'll be underway and thus unable to immediately offer my sage counsel. This was followed by dinner, which was scrumptious as always. Thanksgiving evening was spent with a set of octuplets named Budweiser, leading to incapacitation just after midnight.

After getting up at 0700 on Friday, I decided to pull the bicycle out of the garage and go for a ride. This exertion, combined with the events of the previous night, put my head over the toilet for dry-heave ops shortly after returning from the ride. That cleared my system, and left me ready to do some Black Friday shopping. I bought two copies of the seventh season of Seinfeld (one for me and one for Mom); a copy of Accepted; and a wireless adapter for my old laptop (which has been gifted back to my parents). I followed this with lunch at White Castle (the effects of which I'm still feeling), and an attempt to buy a new cell phone (the old one developed a problem with the battery at some point during the Halloween party last month). The people at the Cingular store couldn't access my account; it's their loss, since now I'll just buy a phone online. I went home and took a nap, which lasted until 1455 - about twenty minutes later than I would have wanted. I hurriedly packed my things - leaving behind the DVDs I bought - and headed east to catch the 1700 ferry, which I easily made. I saw Borat! after getting back to Connecticut, which was very funny, but also very disturbing. Yesterday was a duty day, one that extended two hours later than it should have because I thought I wouldn't be able to paint, when in fact I was - so I had to stay late. But after that, I saw Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie, which I enjoyed greatly. Daniel Craig, the new Bond, plays it very well. After that, it was back here for laundry, dinner, and packing my bag for the next underway. This inport period was way too short. At least the next one will be long, even if the lives of everyone in my department will become awful after the first of next year...more to follow in that at a later date.

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