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anatomy of a roadtrip

I spent Friday and Saturday nights of the weekend before last on Long Island. Friday night, I headed to the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale to see Philadelphia's finest creation, Kristen and the Noise (remember this - it comes into play later), and they blew the roof off the house, multiple times. I wondered why it had been so long (nearly a year) since I had seen them last - and knew I needed to see them again as soon as humanly possible.

The next day I checked their MySpace account and saw that K&TN were playing in Boston two weeks hence. I filed that fact in the back of my head, and headed out that night to enjoy the Islanders - Devils game at Nassau Coliseum, which, despite the Isles' losing in overtime, featured a sublime moment - the Islanders scoring the game-tying (and point-securing) goal with seven tenths of a second left in regulation. The Coliseum exploded three times on that goal - when it was scored, when the JumboTron replay confirmed the puck had crossed the line before time expired, and again when the referee pointed to center ice, signaling a good goal. I returned to Groton straight after the game, with Mom's directions saving me significant headache getting out of New York.

After Sunday duty and Monday training (thank you, USS Newport News), I checked the Nutty's lineup for the final weekend of January - and seeing it wasn't strong, I told myself, "well, I guess I'm going to Boston in two weeks." And at a couple of different points during the last week, I ran through potential partners in mayhem in Massachusetts' capital city. And I ended up eliminating everyone from my boat. I thought this would mean that I'd be heading up there solo...but not so much.

I left SUBASE Friday night around 1815, hoping to build on my recent big winnings in blackjack. It ended up being a marathon session - six and a half hours - and led to the best $140 loss I've ever suffered. As I left the base, a great brainstorm occurred to me. Why not invite Ryan to Boston? He's single, he loves the place, and he needs to get off Long Island. Fortunately, when I returned to my room at 0130, he was at home, and I was able to speak to him. After some initial resistance, he agreed to meet me in the city of Samuel Adams on Saturday afternoon. I took his suggestion of booking at the Boston Park Plaza, and after I got back from yesterday's duty, he sent word that he was ecstatic about the trip.

As for today? Well, a simple day, following duty - sleep, lounging, workout, casino (broke even after about two and three-quarter hours), late dinner, home, more lounging, combined with some drinking. Final thought - without having read any analysis or opinion, and though the game is still two weeks away, I like the Colts in XLI.

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