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It sounds strange, but trust me, it's true...

Apparently someone was interviewing Ice-T and saw his Phil Collins albums. The interviewer asked the rap and hip-hop mogul about it, and he said that PC was one of his biggest inspirations. Out of that, the execs in the music business brought together some to the biggest black artists of today, from rap, hip-hop, R&B, and soul. The result is Urban Renewal: The Songs of Phil Collins, and I think it's an awesome album. It's not available here in the States, and it would cost me over $30 to secure it via But thanks to trusty WinMX, I was able to download all the tracks. The various takes on Collins' music all reveal something that you may not hear on the original albums. And it proves how much of songwriting talent Collins is, because all the artists come through great on this one. Yeah, it might sound weird to hear Ol' Dirty Bastard (of Wu-Tang Clan fame) covering "Sussudio," but the ODB makes it work. My favorite is Joe's rendition of "Can't Turn Back The Years," off the "Both Sides" album. The piano and sax parts on that one are great. Everyone should check our these songs, which are no doubt available through your preferred copyright infringing music downloading software. The official site is at

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