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turds incoming!!

It definitely felt like I was getting shit on a lot this weekend. The biggest poops of the weekend were made by the playing cards. It got ugly very early on Friday afternoon at Mohegan, but instead of taking a licking and keepin' on ticking, I tried to fight back. This was, to say the least, not a wise decision. On Saturday, I decided to venture out to the second frontier of gaming in New London County - Foxwoods Resort Casino. I mentioned a long time ago that I went there once last April, but didn't lay a chip down. Saturday was different. Of course, just getting to a table was an adventure - finding a parking spot was brutal, although not quite as bad as trying to find one at Electric Boat at 1000 on a weekday. Nearly every table was full, and the place was generally mobbed. I finally did sit down, and after treading water early, lost nearly my whole stake. I managed to get back to even money - but tried to keep going. Incorrect choice - I ended up losing all the money.

Sunday was a duty day, and one that required my presence onboard Memphis at 0600 - the normal muster time for a weekday, but two hours earlier than the standard for a Sunday. Not only were we working all day - not finishing until after 2300 - but reveille (aka "everybody get the hell up") came at 0430 instead of the expected 0515. Why, you ask? So the coners (non-nuclear trained personnel) could remove snow from the pier and topside. Adding to my chagrin was the fact that breakfast was not ready to be served at the scheduled time of 0445 - meaning I had to relieve the watch without having eaten beforehand. Fortunately, I got relieved half an hour later, and was able to get chow. As I was eating, we got the word that the Plan of the Day had been changed, and personnel would now muster at 0800 (duty section) or 0900 (everyone else). This meant two additional hours of watch - boo. Fortunately, I got out of work at a reasonable hour for day-after-duty (read: 1200), and I was able to dive right back into it at Foxwoods. And in total opposition to the weekend, everything came right. I won two hundred dollars in the first shoe - playing only fifteen per hand. I proceeded to stay for two more shoes, leaving $365 ahead. It didn;t completely mitigate the carnage of Friday and Saturday, but it did get me back in the black overall (that is, since I started gambling last March).

As for the Ithaca roadtrip...Cornell didn't help its own cause by losing twice over the weekend, but the North Country duo of St. Lawrence and Clarkson came up big for the Big Red; both teams beat Quinnipiac, leaving the Big Red and Bobcats tied for the fourth spot, and giving Cornell the tiebreaker - and the last first-round bye - by the slimmest of margins. Viva the infinite loop!

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