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"House-hunting" leave, day one: The trip and some awesome music

Friday started as nearly Friday starts onboard the Submersible Death Trap - with a field day. Immediately following that, we had a ceremony to "frock" those Sailors who were promoted from the last advancement exam. They're not actually getting paid more yet, but they do get to wear the insignia, and have all the additional responsibilities. Once that was done, we were released, and it was time to kick off seven wonderful days away from everything Memphis. I ate, then obtained some beer for myself and some ketchup and Crown Royal for Mom. The trip took just under three hours, and Mom was both very thankful for the Crown Royal and very shocked at how little it cost. We ate pizza from Gino's - some of the best pizza I've had in a long time.It was then time to clean up and head out.

I set course for Mulcahy's in Wantagh, and arrived near the beginning of what was probably Big Shot's second set. The first full two songs after I arrived were "The Downeaster 'Alexa'" and "New York State of Mind" - it's almost as if they knew I'd be there. I enjoyed the rest of the set, set to work upon alcohol. Just after midnight, Peat Moss and the Fertilizers took the stage; last night's show was particularly memorable. Not only did they rock, but their lead singer Sal was playing his final show with the band. I presume he's departing to concentrate his efforts on Ready in 10 (who I'm totally psyched to finally be seeing tomorrow night). The alcohol stop point was very clear on this particular night; it came when I raised my beer and a bit of it splashed down onto my head. I made it home just before 4 am, as Mom was preparing to head up to Vermont for a couple of days to work with her boss, who now lives there. Her Saturday started before my Friday had concluded.

Tonight it's the Nutty Irishman, Farmingdale for All Star, after game three of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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