Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

day five: a long-overdue reunion

Last night Ryan and I went to T. G. I. Friday's. Though we have spoken several times since the end of January, this was the first time we'd actually seen each other since we parted ways in Boston over four months ago. Joining us was Ryan's friend Jenna, who is interested in the Navy. We had an interesting and lively conversation, and on multiple occasions exposed Ryan's lack of awareness of the world around him. After the meal, we all went back to Ryan's place and watched The Fifth Element.

I exposed both Ryan and Jenna to Ready In 10, and both enjoyed what they heard. In fact, after hearing only a track and a half, Jenna told me, "These guys are awesome. You have to make me a copy of this."

Tonight's the last night on Long Island; there are a couple of options. Today's already been an interesting day, and I'll recap it in full tomorrow after I'm back in Groton.

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