Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

day seven and everything since

I had an uneventful return trip to Groton Thursday, followed by an uneventful duty day Friday, which flowed seamlessly into an uneventful day of lounging Saturday. The lounging was motivated primarily by the fact the it poured rain most of the day here in Groton. But I did manage to pack about three-quarters of my belongings into the Minivan o' War Saturday night, in preparation for...'s trip to Portsmouth. I got up there just before noon, and on arrival, I was perturbed to learn that there were no keys awaiting me. Fortunately, the apartment complex staff allowed me to make copies of the apartment keys, and I was able to offload all the stuff I had brought up with me. I was also able to make the determination that my bed from home would fit in my new room; this made me quite happy, as it spares me the expense of buying a new bed. There are still a few other things I have to buy, but none that should break the bank too hard. I got back to Groton in time to buy some more beer for myself and some more Crown Royal for Mom.

Boo for the combination of duty tomorrow and underway on Tuesday. As of right now, the date and time of return to port have not been changed - but the Submersible Death Trap works in sadistic ways.

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