Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

I hate it when I'm right

In my last entry I said that the Submersible Death Trap worked in sadistic ways. I was dead on the money. We started up the reactor in preparation for an expected Tuesday underway, and to perform retests on the evaporator (the large annoying machine that makes our fresh water when we're underway). I worked the startup in a backup role; I wasn't sitting the reactor operator's chair, but I was taking logs and helping to keep everything on track. I went to bed around 12:45, and awoke at 5:00 to the news that the evaporator had failed the retests. We moved the underway time back twice in order to give the mechanics more time to get it running, but by early afternoon, we raised the white flag and accepted that we weren't getting underway on Tuesday - or today, for that matter. If the latest repair attempts are successful, we'll put to sea tomorrow afternoon, losing the weekend; I'm neither happy nor surprised by this development.

Today I checked out of the Submarine Base barracks, so that I would not have to do so on Monday morning prior to moving up to Portsmouth for good. As a result, I'm writing this from a room at the Groton Super 8, which is nice enough to provide free wireless Internet.

Tonight I saw Ocean's Thirteen, and it was just as good as the other two. More than enough twists and turns to satisfy.

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