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"I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind..."

...and fortunately for me, I've got one - Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I officially completed the move up here to the Granite State's Seacoast on Monday. I've spent most of the past three days working, and when I wasn't doing that, I was unpacking all the stuff I'd brought up here from both Northport and Groton, and buying and assembling new furniture. I've got a nice little two-bedroom, two-bath apartment south of downtown Portsmouth; it's about a fifteen-minute commute to the shipyard. I've only been here four days, but I can already safely say that this place is a vast improvement over Groton. The people are nicer, gas costs over a quarter a gallon less, you can buy alcohol after 9 pm and on Sundays, there's a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a great pizza place right near my apartment...and I haven't even hit up the bar scene yet. I won't get the chance to do so this weekend, since I'm heading to Long Island to retrieve the back two seats of the Minivan o' War (they were left behind to make enough room to load my bed and dresser into the van). Away from work, this should be an eventful and exciting time.

At work, however...another story. I'm on the advance team up here; the Submersible Death Trap (which will soon no longer be submersible) doesn't arrive until the middle of next week. We've been doing some training, some data entry, and some work on the living and working barges provided for our use (the living spaces onboard Memphis will be uninhabitable for the duration of our availability). Once the boat arrives, I'm part of the team that acts as the primary liaison between the shipyard work teams and our ship's force. This consists primarily of paper pushing; for the next nine or ten months, nobody will be able to so much as wipe their butt without paperwork to prove it's been authorized and de-conflicted. It won't be the most fun time at work, but even if it gets really bad, I simply recall one important fact that cannot be overlooked: we're not going to sea for nearly a year. For that reason alone, pretty much any inconvenience thrown at us by the shipyard will be worth it.

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