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This evening, after doing some laundry and refueling the Minivan o' War, I pick up dinner at Burger King. As I'm waiting in the line, I overhear one of the employees mention something about the City of Portsmouth not being able to supply them with enough water. A few seconds later, a guy picks up his order, and he receives cans of Coca-Cola. I look over and there is a tray filled with cans of Coke and Diet Coke, as well as two-liter bottles of Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper. The Burger King literally could not serve its normal fountain drinks because it didn't have any water.

As I place my order, I inquire to the cashier about this anomaly. She is in disbelief as well, noting it's especially weird given that this particular Burger King is, literally, right across the street from a giant water park. I tell her that it's quite possible that Water Country took all the water; after all, it was an excruciatingly hot day here. I did not purchase any of the cans of Coke on offer, choosing instead to consume a cold one from my own fridge (the Burger King is about a mile from my house).

There is a resonance in those four of my brain cells that are presently functioning...oh yes, they're resonating at the frequency of hate. The Submersible Death Trap draws near. Tomorrow's simply going to blow. There's no way around it.

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