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"The beatings will continue until morale improves."

We start this entry off with some numbers. A civilian, in a standard workweek, works forty hours. Thus, in a given week, (s)he will spend 40/168 = 23.8% of their time at their place of employment.
In the period beginning Sunday and ending at midnight tonight - five calendar days, or 120 hours - I've spent 74.5 hours at the shipyard, a whopping 62.1%. I'll likely go close to a full hundred hours before the week is out.

A lot of this massive crush of work is the result of the shipyard taking an extremely long weekend. When the yard's complement reported in Monday morning, it was the first time they'd been to work since the previous Tuesday. That's right - they took a five-day weekend. We took off four of the five days, working Thursday (albeit a short day). Since the start of the week, we've been going at full throttle to get ready for the next major event on the horizon - ( error code 0422 ). Once we're there, it's a few more weeks of hard pushing, and things should slow down for a little while. However, that doesn't alter the fact that I'm utterly pooped from these last few days, especially the sleep deprivation with which they've provided me.

I watched the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday night; it was the first time I'd watched the game in several years. It was a fairly exciting game - an inside-the-park home run, and a late rally by the NL, but the American League still ran its streak to ten straight. My allegiance to the Mets leads me to pull for the National League, and I was thus disappointed in the result. What they did with Willie Mays was really nice, but did they really have to have him ride in a pink Cadillac?

Over the last couple of days I've done a lot of work on my website, much of which had gone well out of date. I removed many of the pages, keeping the links they had, since that was the primary purpose of a good portion of the site - a list of links that I commonly use.

I still haven't figured out what to get my Dad for his birthday (it's Sunday). That's the big project for tomorrow.

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